Study details link between social networking and sex trafficking

Study details link between social networking and sex trafficking

by University of Toledo

Social media marketing is increasingly being exploited to contact, recruit and offer young ones for intercourse, in accordance with a scholarly study because of The University of Toledo Human Trafficking and Social Justice Institute.

The analysis, that has been required by the Ohio Attorney General’s Human Trafficking Commission, reveals exactly exactly exactly how traffickers quickly target and relate to susceptible kiddies on the online world through social networking.

“It is quite crucial to coach moms and dads, experts and youth — especially our center school or teenage daughters who may be insecure — about the perils of online predatory methods utilized by master manipulators,” stated Dr. Celia Williamson, UT professor of social work and director regarding the UT Human Trafficking and personal Justice Institute. “Through this outreach and training, we are able to assist in saving kids from becoming victims of modern-day slavery.”

“we all know predators are utilizing the web discover their victims, and this eye-opening study highlights just what a predator actively seeks in a target and assists moms and dads recognize the indications that the youngster can be a target,” Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine stated. “Using real-life examples, this research provides valuable information that moms and dads may use to begin available and truthful conversations along with their kiddies about remaining safe online.”

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